Displaying the computed and in use tsconfig

Usually, the configuration for the TypeScript compiler is pretty light. In some weird situations when things are not going as expected it is nice to be able to view what is the full tsconfig.json with all the default and computed properties in it. Since TypeScript 3.2 you can do that by passing the --showConfig flag.

Getting rust-embedded/cross running on macOS

One of the great promises and benefits of Rust is that you can easily write code that cross-compiles to various different targets. Not only that but the ecosystem is constantly evolving and trying to make this process as painless as possible. Rustup makes managing different target toolchains a breeze. However, if you don't want to pollute your environment with all the different dependencies of those target toolchains you can try cross.

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Opening words

This place is mostly for me but hopefully, it might help some other people here and there. Here I will store things I stumble on through my programming experience and the occasional mild rants. Let's see where this goes!